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Strategic Shifts: All About the butter!

You might have noticed that we are leaning into our star ingredient like never before. That’s right: the Troublemakers of Taste are going all-in with BUTTER! The fact that we use real butter is a huge part of what makes our cookie squares so delicious, giving them that home-baked taste. As it turns out, it […]

Trublion of the Month: Danielle

Danielle has joined our ranks as the Head of Cookie Square Development (or Business Development as the rest of the world might say)! She’ll be in Paris for the first time on Thursday! We need some trublions (yes, we use the word trublion in English now; we’re making it a thing) to give her a […]

Design Diaries: Le Cookie Bag

You might not even have known this, but we have a bag of 15 Cookie Squares. It’s a format that is specific to the US market – because in order to be a competitive cookie, we need to be in the actual cookie aisle! (Our other cookie formats live at the checkout or in cafeterias.) […]

Have you met *Le Cookie Bag*?

Look! It’s our cookie squares – just MORE of them in one place! A colorful bag of 15 crunchy square-shaped cookies filled with a soft, delectable chocolate ganache and some other delightful ingredient. Pop-able, shareable. Great to bring to your in-laws’ house of dinner or if your heart is full of generosity for your coworkers. […]

We just joined Good Eggs. Want in?

Yoo-hoo, Bay Area friends! Get our cookies delivered to your door all summer long with our buds at Good Eggs! Use promo code micheletaugustin for $20 off your first order. Boom!   Hint: there’s also a free sample available when you’re shopping – so make sure to cash in to get free Dark chocolate 4 […]

Our Squares at Peet’s Coffee

I mean, cookies and coffee are always a home run. But how about American’s fave craft coffee and 4 buttery shortbread cookie squares straight from France? Grand slam. [Look how American we are now with our baseball metaphors.] We are TICKLED to have our Milk chocolate and melty caramel squares in all Pete’s Coffeebars – […]

Happy 4th! No July Open House

Tomorrow, the Banana Farm’s monthly cookie party will be cancelled in the name of American independence. But don’t despair! Our 1st-Thursday-of-the-month tradition continues in August, for our first-ever block party on 4th Street. We’ll be setting up outside with cookies [duh], drinks, new snacks to try from around Brooklyn, entertainment [more detes SOON]… and we […]

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