Big (BIG) News: Le Cookie Box at Target - Michel et Augustin

HUGE news: Our cookies are going to be in Target this holiday season – in a totally new format. Le Cookie Box!

Wait – are you a French reader? Do you maybe need a Target tutorial? In a nutshell: Target is like France’s Monoprix and America’s Walmart had a baby. For context: Target is big, has everything, and has been the source of pretty much all the items currently in Maëla’s New York City apartment. From cleaning supplies to furniture to groceries to sports equipment to school supplies to iPads, and everything in-between.

[No, really. Everything.]

Including our cookies! Le Cookie Box is white and shimmery gold, and holds 20 individually-wrapped Cookie Squares in our crowd-favorite flavor, Dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt.

Are you an American reader? Fab. You may not have needed that tutorial, but you’ll be able to pick up the perfect holiday box of buttery happiness at your local Target, ALL across the US, starting in October. Oui, oui!

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