Look! It’s our cookie squares – just MORE of them in one place! A colorful bag of 15 crunchy square-shaped cookies filled with a soft, delectable chocolate ganache and some other delightful ingredient. Pop-able, shareable. Great to bring to your in-laws’ house of dinner or if your heart is full of generosity for your coworkers. Individually wrapped so they’ll stay fresh and don’t stick together.

Not that they’ll last. Sorry not sorry.

We’re pretty excited to say that they are hitting shelves across America RIGHT NOW!

Find *Le Cookie Bag* at Food Emporium, Foodown, Safeway (NorCal), Kings Food Market (NJ), Roche Bros (Boston), City Acres Market (NY), Balducci’s, Brooklyn Harvest, Mekelburg’s, C-Town, Gourmet Garage… and new spots each day! 


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