Live from the Banana Farm: Summer Edition - Michel et Augustin

1. Meet our two newest trublions, whose job is to welcome guests to the Banana Farm! And they have some SERIOUS dance moves. Click on this for the full effect:

2. We welcomed over 150 people to our Block Party Open House in August – and had a low key but fun and madeleine-filled September back-to-school Open House.

October has in store an “Indian summer” theme, complete with an ice cream truck!

3. On the pastry side, we’re experimenting with a new way to share our passion for pastry: by giving monthly classes using the new Meetup Experiences platform. We have given two classes so far: Chocolate tart in July, and brioche in August. This week we will be doing brioche again because it was such a smash hit. People have given us 5 stars and lots of positive feedback about how much they love the class. Not to brag. Well, kind of to brag.

Hope to see you soon at the Banana Farm!

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