1. Meet our two newest trublions, whose job is to welcome guests to the Banana Farm! And they have some SERIOUS dance moves. Click on this for the full effect:

2. We welcomed over 150 people to our Block Party Open House in August – and had a low key but fun and madeleine-filled September back-to-school Open House.

October has in store an “Indian summer” theme, complete with an ice cream truck!

3. On the pastry side, we’re experimenting with a new way to share our passion for pastry: by giving monthly classes using the new Meetup Experiences platform. We have given two classes so far: Chocolate tart in July, and brioche in August. This week we will be doing brioche again because it was such a smash hit. People have given us 5 stars and lots of positive feedback about how much they love the class. Not to brag. Well, kind of to brag.

Hope to see you soon at the Banana Farm!

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