Trublion of the Month: Danielle - Michel et Augustin

Danielle has joined our ranks as the Head of Cookie Square Development (or Business Development as the rest of the world might say)!

She’ll be in Paris for the first time on Thursday! We need some trublions (yes, we use the word trublion in English now; we’re making it a thing) to give her a hand. Who can…
1. … show her where the shower is and how to make herself a big cup of coffee on Thursday (September 19th)?
2. … find her a free desk to work at?
3. …give her a tasting of all your latest recipes?
4. …take her on some store visits (3 supermarkets)?

Could it be YOU?? Write to her with a big BONJOUR and say which item you’d be willing to help her out with!

A few fun facts about our newest trublion:

  • She just moved back to New York from San Francisco – ask her why!
  • She has worked for some incredible food brands in the US market – ask her which ones!
  • Celebrity Fact: She knows Jennifer Garner
  • Activities of choice: skiing and yoga

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